55th Anniversary of The Beatles White Album

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Sun Nov. 19, 2023 at The Great Star Theater, San Francisco CA

Tue Nov. 21, 2023 at The Harris Center, Folsom CA

Sat Nov. 25, 2023 at Spreckels Performing Arts Center, Rohnert Park CA

Sun Nov. 26, 2023 at Center for the Performing Arts, Grass Valley CA

Featuring The Beatles Guitar Project Rock Orchestra! With special guests vocalists: Peter Andrew Petty, Christopher Gabriel Nelson

Directed by Benjamin J McClara, “The White Album, Live In Concert, is ready to set sail for the celebration of it’s 55th Anniversary.  This show was first performed by The BGP Rock Orchestra in 2017 at The Crest Theater. 
Nobody performs The White Album like we do! Note even Paul or Ringo! Hundreds and hundreds of hours has gone into transcribing and arranging this incredible double album of The Beatles music.  Released on Nov 22, 1968, The Beatles were not a touring band, and never performed any of the music as heard on the recordings.  The opportunity to hear this music live in concert is very rare!  
It’s your chance to witness one of the greatest pages in Beatles history played live; with more than 30 professional musicians taking the stage, the Entire White Album will unfold before you from start to finish.
These shows benefit the SPMA Scholarship Fund, which helps to bring music education and guitar programs to underserved schools in Northern California.
(All songs are sung, & feature lead vocalist musicians as well as backing vocalists, & are presented as they are sung on The Beatles recordings.)

Click the links above to purchase tickets.  For more information please email us at sacprepmusic@gmail.com

Peace and Love! See you at the Show!

Support local school music programs!

Danny got his first electric guitar this for this show at Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento CA


Sac Prep Music Academy offers a unique community-based music education program in Sacramento. Four distinct, but complementary, education modes (individual and group lessons, ensembles & organized community performances) that enable and encourage students to develop, hone and grow their repertoire.

Classically trained instructors utilize song-based curriculum to inspire context and inspiration as students explore music fundamentals. Sac Prep is enhancing Sacramento area’s emerging arts education movement.

All ages! Call us at 916-382-2770 or send us an email sacprepmusic@gmail.com 

Mission: To support and advance access to lifelong learning opportunities in music arts education.                                                                                                                                         

Vision: To create an environment where students and performing artists can meet for the study of music arts education, performance and related art forms. 

Purpose: is to present public performances and recitals of music and related art forms; To sponsor lecture-demonstrations of topics related to music education and related art forms & To increase community awareness of the importance of artistic expression for individual satisfaction and growth, and the wide variety of expression available through music arts.    

SPMA is located at The E. Claire Raley Studios for Performing Arts
2420 N Street Suite 145, Sacramento CA. 95816

Call (916) 382-2770 To Book Lessons, Classes & to join Ensembles
Email: sacprepmusic@gmail.com for more info                                                                                 

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Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy, as a public charity provides music education opportunities by providing waiver scholarships to disadvantaged kids to study music at SPMA through:


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