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Ticket Sales for the 50th Anniversary of The White Album are underway! Purchase your tickets from Harris Center, before it’s too late!

 Use Promo Code: “Family” and Save 10%

November 25, 2018 is the actual U.S.A. Release day of The Beatles 1968 White Album

Fundraising for November 25th White Album Live in Concert:

EMAIL us at: sacprepmusic@gmail.com, and arrange a time to donate cash/check  at SPMA: 2420 N Street, Studio #145, Sacramento CA. 95816. Pick up your copy in person. 

The best day & time to come to the studio to make a donation towards our Nov. 25th Show are Thursdays after the Band Rehearses, at 6:30pm… (if you come a little early, you’ll get to hear the group rehearsing for the Nov. 25th show… they sound great! This next show is going to be incredible!)

Online Donations of $50.00 will receive this gift also! The Hi-Def Blu-Ray of SPMA’s production of The White Album, Live in Concert at The Crest Theatre Sacramento: The entire show is over 2 hours in length including the entire White Album, and a 3 song Encore: Got To Get You Into My Life, A Day In The Life & Hey Jude!… We will ship the Blu-Ray to the Address given on your PayPal Donation.

Sac Prep Music Academy offers a unique community-based music education program in Sacramento. Four distinct, but complimentary, education modes (individual and group lessons, ensembles & organized community performances) that enable and encourage students to develop, hone and grow their repertoire.

Classically trained instructors utilize song-based curriculum to inspire context and inspiration as students explore music fundamentals. Sac Prep is enhancing Sacramento area’s emerging arts education movement.

All ages! Call us at 916-382-2770 or send us an email sacprepmusic@gmail.com 

Mission: To support and advance access to lifelong learning opportunities in music arts education.                                                                                                                                         

Vision: To create an environment where students and performing artists can meet for the study of music arts education, performance and related art forms. 

Purpose: is to present public performances and recitals of music and related art forms; To sponsor lecture-demonstrations of topics related to music education and related art forms & To increase community awareness of the importance of artistic expression for individual satisfaction and growth, and the wide variety of expression available through music arts.    

SPMA is located at The E. Claire Raley Studios for Performing Arts

2420 N Street Suite 145, Sacramento CA. 95816

Call (916) 382-2770 To Book Lessons, Classes & to join Ensembles

Email: sacprepmusic@gmail.com for more info                                                                                 

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 As a non-profit charitable organization, and as such, contributions to Sac Prep Music Academy are federal tax deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, Federal Tax ID #81-0754644.
Please donate and help Sac Prep Music Academy in it’s efforts to provide music programs for our Sacramento Community, such as: SPMA Guitar Project, Veterans Guitar Project, SPMA String Ensemble, and SPMA Summer Music Program.  We’ll be setting up a membership program for beginners and intermediate musicians, and provide ensemble programs for them to join in (kind of like going to yoga once a week…but it’ll be something like an adult guitar ensemble, or fiddle ensemble or beginning jazz band).
Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy, as a public charity provides music education opportunities by providing waiver scholarships to disadvantaged kids to study music at SPMA through:

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