SPMA Guitar Project at Sac Phil & Opera Beatles Pops Concert

SPMA Guitar Project, recognized for it’s SGT. PEPPERS Album cover on May 15th, and it’s upcoming ABBEY ROAD Album concert Dec 17th, has been invited by the Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera, to perform a set of Beatles music in the lobby of the Community Center Theater before the Pops Concert begins at 8pm.  Our set will kick off at about 7:30pm.  The Guitar Project has also been invited to attend the Pops Concert.  Big thanks to Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera for giving us this amazing opportunity right before our big Abbey Road Concert!screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-9-07-46-am


DECEMBER 17, 2016 – A live music performance to benefit iHeartMusic.Org at THE SACRAMENTO SCOTTISH RITE – 6151 H Street Sacramento, CA 95819

THE BEATLES – ABBEY ROAD – IN ITS ENTIRETY! Tickets $25 General Admission, Doors at 6:00pm, 7:00pm Showtime


SPMA GUITAR PROJECT ENSEMBLE & LOCAL PROFESSIONAL SACRAMENTO MUSICIANS, TEACHERS & EDUCATORS.  Tickets available Oct. 15, 2016 at our studio: 2420 N Street Studio 116, Sacramento CA 95816 Or online at www.old.sacprepmusic.com
A FUNDRAISER FOR iHeartMusic.Org, an SPMA Scholarship Program that fosters viable neighborhood music programs for the public by supporting music artists and students of music, by providing definite scholarships in music education.

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Grand Opening Re-Cap & Diversity Day at BLM

Hi Folks!

The Grand Opening on Second Second Saturday at Clara was great for Sac Prep Music Academy.  We had many people cruise through the studios to check out our scene, see what we offer and what we’re all about.  We handed out a bunch of brochures and met a lot of new faces & we’re always happy to add people to Ukulele Project & our Guitar Project.
Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 7.44.43 AMYesterday, Sac Prep Music Academy had the pleasure of performing at Diversity Awareness Day at The Federal Building on Cottage way.  Big thanks to Nicole Ward for setting the Academy up with this opportunity.  Two of our students performed a selection of red hot fiddle tunes, and Alex Bonilla performed two classical guitar pieces between our set and the next performers.  Always a great thing to have students performing out in public, as it fulfills our mission as a 501c3 public benefit organization.



Please come support Sac Prep Music at Curtis Fest on August 28th.
Our Students will take the stage at 11:30am (hopefully before it’s too hot), and we will run a booth for the duration of the event.

SPMA to perform at Diversity Awareness Day. Aug 16th

Mr. Ben McClara,
Thank you for your wellness to participate in our agency’s Diversity Awareness Day on August 16, 2016.  The Special Emphasis Program hosts this event once a year. The program encourages and promotes diversity through monthly educational events in an effort to bring awareness of differences in our cultures. We look forward to you and your students performance for 15-20 mins, between the hours of 12 noon to 12:30pm.
The event will be held at the Federal Building at 2800 Cottage Way, Sacramento. There are about 9 different agencies in the building with approximately 1000 employees.  This event is open to everyone in the building.
We’re looking forward to your participation,

LaQuita Wallace
Human Resources Specialist

(Diversity, Outreach & SEP)

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SPMA at Curtis Fest – August 28th

SPMA to take the stage at 11:30am

Come visit us at the SPMA Booth and Bang on our famous Marimba! Pick up some info on our programs and projects and kick back as we feature our SPMA Violin Ensemble & our SPMA Guitar Project Ensemble

Curtis Fest Artisan Festival in the Park
August 28, 2016
Curtis Fest was established in 2007 to give local artists a venue to exhibit and sell their work. The event often draws up to 50 fine artists, photographers and crafters. This free event also has musicians, food trucks, a petting zoo and the Happily Ever After Fairy for the kids. Curtis Fest is held at William Curtis Park.


May 14th Sac Prep Music Benefit Concert


This event was phenomenal, and a huge success! Thank you to all who attended and supported this Academy!  We are forever grateful to present music to such a wonderful audience!

Performances by Students & Teachers of SPMA, Silent Auctions, Raffle for Big Money!  Cocktail hour performances to include music from students including music from The SGT. PEPPERS Album by The Beatles!  

Donations are Tax-Deductible!

All Proceeds to help SPMA pay for the renovation of it’s private studios!

Bruce Springsteen speaks at the 29th Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

“So, real bands — real bands are made primarily from the neighborhood. From a real time and real place that exists for a little while, then changes and is gone forever. They’re made from the same circumstances, the same needs, the same hungers, culture. They’re forged in the search of something more promising than what you were born into. These are the elements, the tools, and these are the people who built the place called E Street.”  – Bruce Springsteen


Bruce’s speech at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction is so incredibly relevant, and It needs to be quoted and posted because I don’t think people realize that todays current youth is no longer being raised to play music the way Bruce did when he was a kid.  It’s absolutely essential to learn as much as you can about music at a young age… so when you do come of age, you’ll have so music history to lean on.