Guitar Classes

SPMA Guitar Project

By Ben Mcclara. Ages 9 to Adult.  Ten Week Introduction to Guitar.  Thursdays 3:30pm & 4:15pm.  Visit the SPMA Guitar Project page to learn more & to register.

Ukulele Project

By Ben Mcclara.  Ages 9 to Adult.  Ten Week Introduction to the Ukulele [COMING SOON – AVAILABILITY TBD]  

Introduction to Guitar  
By Eric Kuvakos.  Ages 9-12 (Fridays 3:30pm Mar11 to May13), Age 13 – Adult (Fridays 4:15pm Mar11 to May13),   Adults Only (Fridays 5:45pm Mar11 to May13), (Saturdays 1:15pm Mar12-May14)
Learn the basics of playing guitar! This group class will cover rhythm, melody, chords, soloing, and playing with fellow musicians. A fun and positive environment for any beginner!  An acoustic or electric guitar is required. 10 Week Class.

Blues Guitar 101  By Sean O’Connor. 
Lecture/Lab 60 mins, 10-11:00 AM, Saturdays. [Ten Weeks: March 12 to May 14]  
This class will cover the fundamentals of blues rhythm and lead guitar in the style of artists such as B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King, and more. It is also an excellent introduction to the influences of all the great classic rock musicians. Students will learn 12 bar blues chord progressions in the standard, quick change, and minor blues styles, along with moveable chord shapes and riffs to use along with the progressions. In addition, pentatonic scales and basic single note improvisation will be covered.
Prerequisites include a basic proficiency in 4/4 and 6/8 rhythms, and ability to play the following open chords: A7, B7, C7, D7, E7, F or F7, G7, Am, and Dm. A little experience playing single line melodies and use of the left hand pinky is also a good idea.  

Intermediate Jazz Guitar  By Eric Kuvakos  Ages 16 – Adult  (Saturdays 12:30pm)                             For any guitarist looking to add new sounds and styles, this class is for you! We will learn basic jazz forms, modes, voicings, improvisation, and how to accompany soloists.  Prerequisites: Must know all open chords, be able to play through simple chord charts, and have a basic knowledge of Barre and Seventh chords. 45 minute class.
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