Midtown Vanguard


The SPMA Midtown Vanguard Jazz Series (2018)  is set to begin January 2018 in Midtown Sacramento at the E. Claire Raley Studios for the Performing Arts (CLARA) located at 2420 N Street. Established musicians, up and comers and local students (instructed by established jazz musicians) will be performing at least one and up to two live shows per month throughout the entire year. There will also be a large scale jazz music festival tentatively scheduled to take place in October 2018 on the CLARA grounds and in the CLARA auditorium to showcase professional musical collaborations and student growth that is developed throughout the year.                                              

SPMA’s vision is to create an environment where students and performing artists can meet for the study of music arts education, performance and related art forms. The Project will advance SPMA’s vision in multiple ways:


  1. The Series provides an opportunity for local Sacramento jazz musicians, both seasoned and aspiring professionals, to showcase their work and their distinctive music skills in the ever-growing Sacramento music community.


    With assistance from the Capital Jazz Project, some of the most talented high school jazz students in Northern California will be selected to study with professional jazz musicians and take at least one free two-hour music lesson per week for an entire school year. The Project will succeed in making the already proficient high school students even better by pairing them up with musicians who have made the pursuit of excellence in jazz music their life’s ambition.

  3. The festival that is scheduled to take place in October 2018 will serve as the main event of the series and will showcase all of the professional jazz musicians that performed throughout the year. The festival will also provide the opportunity for the high school jazz students to showcase to their schools, parents, peers and the community at large the skills that they have gained throughout their year of studying.

  4. There is potential for this year-long series to reach up to 6,500 community members (approximately 250 people in attendance at the live show every two weeks for one year) and another 1,500 community members for the Annual Festival.


The SPMA Midtown Vanguard Jazz Series (2018) will become a model for community engagement, artistic showcasing, and enhancement of music education in the Sacramento region. We will work hand in hand with Capital Jazz Project to facilitate studio time to teach the art of jazz to young performers weekly. The series and festival will be a platform for these students to become involved year round in jazz as a performing art.


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