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The Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy Guitar Project


The Beatles Guitar Project

SPMA’s vision is to make Guitar Project available for students in public & private schools, who are seeking a guitar music education program in order to offer a unique community-based music education program to enhance their neighborhood, town or city.

Guitar Project embraces four distinct, but complimentary, education modes (individual and group lessons, ensembles & organized community performances) that enable and encourage students to develop, hone and grow their repertoire.

Guitar Project is a song-based curriculum, providing context and inspiration as students explore music fundamentals. SPMA Guitar Project & The Beatles Guitar Project is available for bookings & collaboration; to institutions, other music academy’s, performing arts schools, public schools & private schools.  Implementation takes 6 to 10 months from start to stage.  Contact Artistic Director: Ben McClara if your educational institution is interested in SPMA Guitar Project curriculum & The Beatles Guitar Project.

Beginning Guitar curriculum, The Beatles Student guitar parts & full transcriptions from Beatles Albums including Orchestra arrangements, Band arrangements, as well as rhythm section transcriptions and arrangements are available for:

The Beatles 1965 Shea Stadium 

Rubber Soul


Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Magical Mystery Tour

The White Album

Abbey Road

Let It Be

SPMA Guitar Project Goals

Conceived by SPMA Director, Ben McClara, the Academy set out, with some funding from SGS, to offer an on-going Free-Neighborhood-Community-Guitar Class and Guitar Ensemble at Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy. The SPMA Guitar Project strives to maintain this mission:
  • Connect and Contribute to the Community
  • Support personal growth, healing, and communication through music education
  • Support hands-on learning in the music arts discipline on guitar
  • Offer programming with substantial impact over time
  • Develop arts programming for constituents that furthers the goals of our organization
  • Celebrate culturally specific, contemporary, and traditional artistic expressions through guitar and song.

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