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“The Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy Guitar Project”


Sac Prep Music Academy & the SPMA Guitar-Project is Sponsored by the generous donations of: Biondi Paving & Engineering, The Freda B Runyon Foundation, and the many private donors, sponsors, members and families of Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy.

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cropped-image-e1466010069349.jpegAnd Major funding provided by Sacramento Guitar Society, a nonprofit arts organization committed to music education. Learn more at                 SPMA further acknowledges The Mockingbird Foundation & Teichert Foundation for providing Major Funding to the SPMA Guitar Project.Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 10.16.42 AM


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SPMA’s Guitar Project vision is to make music education available for students & families who cannot afford a music education, by way of financial aid scholarships, merit scholarships, and for students who attend a schools that does not support guitar education.  The cost of each class is valued at $25 per student, per week.  Donations are kindly accepted, tax-deductible, and very much appreciated. Please help support our efforts to make a better Sacramento! If you can donate, that’s great! 

SPMA Guitar Project Goals

Conceived by SPMA Director, Ben McClara, the Academy set out, with some funding from SGS, to offer an on-going Free-Neighborhood-Community-Guitar Class and Guitar Ensemble at Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy. The SPMA Guitar Project strives to maintain this mission:
  • Connect and Contribute to the Community
  • Support personal growth, healing, and communication through music education
  • Support hands-on learning in the music arts discipline on guitar
  • Offer programming with substantial impact over time
  • Develop arts programming for constituents that furthers the goals of our organization
  • Celebrate culturally specific, contemporary, and traditional artistic expressions through guitar and song.

 Sac Prep Music Academy, since it’s inception, has been providing opportunities in music education, and also music instruments, to students in Oak Park, South Sac, and the greater Sacramento area; specifically to students who do not have access to preparatory music education at their public, charter or home school programs. SPMA has provided full-ride scholarships to summer music programs and to Winter Guitar Sessions, to economically disadvantaged students, and to exemplary students of music who are seeking to participate in our music programs or ensembles, in order to further their music education and study.

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