SPMA Music Projects

 “Come Together…Right Now!”

DSC_0033Music is the mortar of humanity. 

Project curriculum provides students with the ability to create from within.

The world we live in makes music more important than ever.

We are here to create “Difference Makers” in music.

Kiara (SPMA guitar student), 4th grade, receives a standing ovation for performing over half of the SGT. PEPPERS BEATLES album at her first ever performance as a young guitarist. A massive accomplishment for anyone that young, and only playing guitar for 6 months!

SPMA Music Projects feed students the necessary fundamentals of music needed to participate in a group ensemble & perform music that is essential and relevant throughout our history of music.  SPMA performances are kinetic; propelling students to produce vital music for our Sacramento community. 

SPMA Project Ensembles are commonly called upon to perform throughout our greater Sacramento Region.

These students are performing at the ACC Senior Care Center in South Sacramento. SPMA, participating as recipients of the Jimmy & Mary Yee Grant to ACC.

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