SPMA Voice Class


2018 Classes: Tuesdays 5:30pm to 7pm

January 16, 2018 to March 20, 2018.                                                                                                  $300 Ten Week Session. Tuition/Checks Payable to SPMA.                                                                RSVP by Email to secure your spot in the class

Instructor: Ryan De Boer

RSVP E-mail: ryan.deboer.43@gmail.com 

Purpose of Course

To provide new students of voice with skills and techniques in singing and vocal health. These skills (which include easy access to head voice, an engaging presence, and a healthy and appropriate use of the vocal mechanism in the singing of traditional folk music.

In particular, instruction will be geared towards improvement of (1) Tone (projection, vibrancy, vocal health, ability to access appropriate vocal registers, evenness throughout range), and (2) Intonation (ability to sing accurately in tune), but will also take into consideration (3) Presentation (professionalism in demeanour), (4) Breathing (breath management and breathing technique), (5) Posture (alignment and centering), (6) Accuracy/ Memorization, (7) Diction (clarity of text and vowels) and (8) Interpretation (communication of the text, expressivity, musicality).


The Singing Book, Third Edition, Dayme and Vaughn, published by W.W. Norton. Instructor may also provide other materials, as needed.

Course Expectations


Students will learn vocal skills in class that will need to be reinforced through daily practice. As in any applied music learning, success in singing comes from focused repetition of exercises and their application in appropriate repertoire. In singing, this work actually helps to build the vocal instrument by strengthening the muscular coordination. We will discuss in class how students should practice. If students are having concerns with their singing outside of class, they may contact their instructor for further help.

Daily Preparation/Vocal Progress/Participation

Students will be required to prepare two songs. Students must be prepared to sing every class. Success is based on musical accuracy, evidence of consistent practice, actively participating in class discussions and activities, and helping to maintain a respectful and supportive class atmosphere.

Songs and In-Class Song Performance

Students will work on and perform two songs over the course of the semester. The first song will be assigned. The second song will be chosen subsequently in consultation with the instructor.

The song performance is an opportunity to demonstrate preparation and vocal progress. This performance will take place during the last session of the class. Friends and family are encouraged to attend to celebrate their student’s improvement and achievements.

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